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JNL Area Monitor Channels
Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation MonitoringProviding Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring
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DORA is an integrated real-time Gamma radiation monitoring device that provides highly accurate indication of ambient Gamma activity over a wide range. The DORA is intended to provide normal/high radiation indication locally and comprehensive rate, dose and status information to a remote computer system or display unit through a high speed Ethernet TCP/IP network.
The DORA is built around a high-speed microprocessor core that handles all measurement, indication, communication, and historical record accumulation. The microprocessor system integrates program FLASH memory for firmware storage, high-speed SRAM for program execution, battery-backed SRAM for short-term history storage, FLASH memory for extended history storage, xD memory card for expanded long term history storage, real time clock (RTC), Ethernet interface, and serial communications ports for the RS485 and USB interfaces. The RS485 port provides an alternate interface to the Ethernet port for remote data access. The USB port is provided for configuration changes and firmware upgrades only. DORA
The G-M tube, high-voltage supply, and time-to-count driver are the heart of the radiation measurement system. The 1" diameter by 2" long G-M tube, with energy compensation shielding, provides a nominal sensitivity of 1800 CPM / mR/h. The combination of the G-M tube and time-to-count control techniques give a wide range of operation from 10 uR/h to 10 R/h.
Apantec also manufactures a version of the DORA gamma GM detector that provides extended range measurement using two GM sensors located within the DORA enclosure. This version is designated as the DORA-GX and will measure a dynamic range of 10 uR/h to 1,000 R/h.

The energy compensation shield provides uniform energy response over a spectrum of 80 keV to 2.5 MeV. The high voltage power supply is generated internally to provide bias voltage for the G-M tube. Energy response for H*(10) Seivert response is also available.

Dose rate, integrated dose, and status information are available over TCP/IP Ethernet, or RS-485 serial communications. An a Analog output is also available to provide log-log indication of dose rate, programmable from 1 to 6 decades as a 0-10 VDC signal .

Two LED's, an audible alarm, and a relay contact for an external indicator communicate status locally. The LED's are green for Normal and red for High Alarm. The audible alarm can be muted while the alarm condition still exists by pressing the mute button. The relay provides a contact closure on high alarm. The contacts are isolated from the rest of the probe's circuitry and may be used to control an external annunciator.

The DORA is also adaptable to process radiation measurement with integrated analog inputs. The two provided inputs allow the probe to monitor external process variables such as temperature, flow rate or pressure.

The DORA in housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure for wall mounting. The enclosure allows the probe to be used in a variety of environments without impacting operation or accuracy.

An external probe port supports operation with other external'Smart' probes, allowing the DORA instrument to be used for monitoring other types of radiation or for remote mounting of the GM sensors.
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