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JNL Area Monitor Channels
Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation MonitoringProviding Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring
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The RM1W series instruments are used as the point of display and control for radiation monitoring channels. The units are microprocessor based designs that include robust communication capabilities such as RS485 serial ports, a USB port and TCP/IP Ethernet communication for networking. Digital and analog Input/Output (I/O) circuitry is included to allow the RM1W units to operate as data concentrators and controllers for devices external to the RM1W. The RM1W design has three radiological counting channels, allowing simultaneous processing of radiological data from up to three external sensor channels. Information is displayed on a 240 x 128 pixel bit mapped LCD display mounted on the front panel of the RM1W. In addition to the bit mapped main display, the RM1W also provides discreet indicators for instrument status, such as high radiation alarm, warning radiation alarm, and fail/malfunction conditions. An audible sounder is included for audible annunciation of a radiological alarm. RDM696
Operators interface with the RM1W unit using a keypad switch which is protected using a keylock switch and/or password. The keypad switch is located on the front panel of the RM1W and provides controls for setting alarms, viewing alarms, establishing parameters for detector operation, alarm acknowledgement, check source operation, and administrative functions such as setting the channel identification information.
When used with process monitoring channels or effluent monitoring channels, the RM1W acts as a data concentrator and data processing unit, integrating external signals such as flow rate and pressure into the radiological measurement. Analog signals are integrated into the RM1W microprocessor circuit using analog-to-digital converters (ADC) which are 12 bit resolution devices. Four ADC circuits are included. The RM1W also accepts up to eight digital input signals for operation with external digital devices.
Outputs from the RM1W include three RS485 serial communications ports, one TCP/IP Ethernet communications port, one USB port, four 4-20 mADC or 0-10 VDC analog outputs, eight digital output circuits and six DPDT form C relays. The relays are factory programmable to provide the desired annunciation. Typically this will include a relay for high radiation alarm, warning radiation alarm, fail conditions, check source activation, and miscellaneous alarm circuits such as low flow conditions. The analog outputs are scaled to the dynamic range of the measurement channel and are provided via a 12 bit resolution DAC device. The analog output signals are optically isolated. DORA
The RS485 serial communications ports and Ethernet TPC/IP port are provided for networking the RM1W units with database software or other remote display and control units. The USB port is provided on the front panel for ease of access with portable devices.
Critical operating parameters are stored in non-volatile memory to ensure that the system quickly recovers from power outages without operator intervention. Historical data is retained in volatile memory which is retained using a lithium battery for up to 100 hours after loss of primary power. Operating parameters are field configurable allowing customer personnel to use a common design platform for multiple channels and display configurations.
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