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Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation MonitoringProviding Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring
WRPIC100 Wide Range Ion Chamber
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WRPIC100 Wide Range Ion Chamber
Sealed Detector
High Sensitivity
WRPIC100 Wide Range Ion Chamber

The Apantec model WRPIC100 is a post-mounted Wide Range Area monitoring probe designed for detecting ambient or bursts of gamma radiation in applications such as: perimeter, gateway or waste site monitoring. By special design and build, the WRPIC100 offers enhanced functionality in environments characterized by high temperature and humidity.

The WRPIC100 uses Apantec's advanced ion chamber design to detect radiation fields from background to accident levels. The WRPIC100 uses a solid state electrometer instead of the traditional current to frequency converter, which provides an additional decade of sensitivity. In the WRPIC100 all the electronics including the solid-state electrometer, microprocessor board and a high voltage board are packaged in a sealed box underneath the flange plate. A temperature sensor is placed inside this box and an optional thermoelectric cooler and fan can be used for extreme environments. The WRPIC100 can operate as a stand-alone unit, directly linked to a central computerized system or in connection with a ratemeter such as Apantec's RM1W. Additionally, data from multiple WRPIC100's can be easily managed with the use of Apantec's DORIS database software. The software enables collection, customized graphical display, analysis, reporting and distribution of real time or historical data.

  • Gamma dose monitoring (background to emergency levels)
  • High temperature & Humidity environments
  • Temperature compensated
  • Thermoelectric cooler w/fan (option)
  • Moisture-resistant Aluminum ion chamber
  • Omni-directional response
  • Increased sensitivity using a solid state electrometer
  • RS-485 communication, TCP/IP
  • Optional wireless communication
  • Ease of maintenance with simplified electronics
  • Protection from lightning by transient suppressors
  • Network ready for use in a centralized radiation monitoring system using Apantec D.O.R.I.S. radiological software
Housing: Moisture-proof Aluminum
Size: 12 Diameter (305mm)
Operating Temp:

-250 to +500 Celsius.

Sensitive Diameter: 11.76 (299mm)
Sensitive Volume : 905 in3 (14,830 cm3).
Cathode Material: Aluminum.
Wall thickness: 0.12 (3mm)
Fill Gas: Argon
Fill Pressure: Atmospheric pressure
Power: +24 VDC , 20mA max. for detector operation
HV Supply: -500 VDC nom.Internally generated
Output: 0-10 VDC,RS485,TCP/IP Ethernet (optional wireless)
Range : 10 nGy/h~100 mGy/h
Gamma Sensitivity: 2E-12 Amp /Gy /hr (2E-14 Amp / R / h )
Energy response: +/-20% at greater than 50 KeV.
Accuracy: +/-10 % at 10 Gy/h
Linearity: +/- 10% each range
PROCESSOR: 32-Bit High Performance 133Mhz Integrated Microcontroller Designed for Real-time & PC/AT-compatible embedded applications Robust Automotive / Telcom Grade Technology with Watchdog Timer
I/O PROCESSOR: Dedicated / High Performance I/O Co Processing via FPGA / 100 Mhz Industry First, Fully Application Programmable Hardware Allowing Customized I/O Processing With Zero Wiring or Harness Changes
DISPLAY: 2 x 20 character vacuum fluorescent Analog/Digital Auto ranging and Auto-zeroing Alarm/Status Indicators:
Alarm/Status Indicators:
Red indicator: HIGH
Amber indicator: ALERT
White indicator: FAIL
Green indicator: NORMAL
Digital: (3) RS485
  (1) TCP/IP
  (1) USB

Analog: (4) 0-10VDC, or (4) 4-20 mADC isolated

Relays: (6) +5 DPDT relay contact for FAIL,
  ALERT, HIGH and MISC alarms
  Relay contact rating 5A @
  115VAC resistive
Power: 90-260VAC, single phase, 47 to 63 Hz, 15 watts
Temp: -100 to +500 C
Humidity: 0-95% RH, non-condensing
The Apantec WRPIC100 uses a solid-state electrometer to convert the ion chamber output current into a signal suitable for counting by the probe's internal interface card. The interface card converts the measured activity signal into a serial communications format (RS485 or TCP/IP) for communication to a separate RM1W or RM1R display and control unit, or it can be interfaced directly to the D.O.R.I.S. software computer. This removes the need to send low current level signals (which can be affected by signal line capacitance) or voltage signals (which can be affected by EMI/RFI signal line interference) over long distances.
D.O.R.I.S. - Display of Radiological Information Software provides real-time data reporting and control through a user-friendly graphics display with an easy to use operator interface system.
Data is collected, analyzed, displayed and recorded in real-time
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