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JNL Area Monitor Channels
Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation MonitoringProviding Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring
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DORIS - Display Of Radiological Information Software
The DORIS Software System provides real-time data reporting and control through a user-friendly graphics display with an easy to use operator interface system. Data is collected, analyzed, displayed and recorded in real-time while posting alarms for operator notification. The operators will be able to display and perform the following at either the RM1 series display unit or DORIS hardware platform in real time:
(a) Current readout of background or gaseous activity
(b) Detector information (type, SCA set-points, etc.)
(c) High/Alert/Fail alarm status
(d) Detector status (fail, normal, etc)
(e) Keypad status
(f) Trend information
(g) Graphic representation of trending data
DORIS functions include:
Collecting, converting, storing, integrating, and analyzing data from all monitors.
Detecting, annunciating, and storing alarm conditions.

Providing current, as well as historical, displays of any channels on operator request.

Generating system and graphic displays.
Providing on-line data base and display generation and modification capability.
Providing on-line diagnostic displays.
Some Examples of DORIS Screens
Display I (Real Time Channel display)

The main display screen of the DORIS application provides a comprehensive view of all sensors available. User can view the detailed trend charts of any sensors/detectors by selection. Charts are clearly marked with all alarm threshold points with different colors. Other than the indication on screen about the alarm, user will also be notified by sound. DORIS has deatiled infotmative screen about the hardware status, communication link status and other hardware activites like check source, test mode, remote alarm acknowledgement,etc.

DORIS screens:

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