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Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation MonitoringProviding Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring
GD100 Gamma GM Detector
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GG1W Gamma GM Detector
The GG1W Intelligent Gamma Probe is an integrated real-time Gamma radiation-monitoring device that provides highly accurate indication of ambient Gamma radiation over a wide range. GM Detector

The GG1W uses a pair of halogen quenched Geiger Mueller tubes for sensitivity to ambient gamma radiation levels. The GM tubes are operated using a “Time-To-Count” method which removes the limitations associated with traditional ‘constant bias’ GM tube circuits.

Detects gamma radiation from 80 keV to 2 MeV with a linearity of 20%.
Dynamic range of 10-4 mSv/h to 105 mSv/hr.
Electrically connects via a multi-conductor shielded cable to an associated Apantec's RM1-series Display and Control unit.
The GG1W is housed in a rugged cylindrical aluminum housing with a NEMA4 rating. When provided with an internal check source, the detector is designated as Model GG1WC.
Detector Type: Geiger Mueller tube
Range: 10-4 mSv/h to 105 mSv/hr (10 µR/hr to 10,000 R/hr)
Energy Range:

80 keV to 2 MeV

Energy Response: ±20% from 80 keV to 2 MeV, Reference 137Cs
Saturation: will not saturate in fields up to 10,000 R/hr
Accuracy: ±15% over entire range
Linearity: ±5%
Response Time: 4 s
Environment: -31°F to 140°F (-35°C to +60°C), 0-95% RH
Operating Voltage: 12 VDC supplied by RDM unit
Dimensions: 7 in. L x 2.5 in. dia.
Weight: (0.9 kg) 2 lb nominal, not including detector mount
Check Source: internal 90Sr, license exempt, remotely operated, spring return (GG1WC only)
Note: Apantec offers Models GG1W (wide range), GG1WC (Check Source version), and GG1WL (Low range version with one GM tube). All of these types can also have the Sieverts version SI Units of measurement (Sv/hr(H*10).
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