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JNL Area Monitor Channels
Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation MonitoringProviding Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions for Radiation Monitoring
Preventive Measures
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Pm Repair & Refurbish

Apantec offers a full service preventive maintenance and repair program to support any & all Nuclear Generating Stations which are currently using both Nuclear Research Corporations and Canberra supplied detectors, preamplifiers as well as remote and local alarm indicators.

Apantec has dedicated repair and test facilities as part of the manufacturing and test departments to accommodate the fabrication, repair, and testing of all equipment. In addition, Apantec offers free phone support for troubleshooting questions.

Our factory services include a full range of options including equipment repair, calibration, preventive maintenance and parts ordering. All equipment is serviced by a staff of highly skilled technicians using automatic test equipment and test instruments calibrated to NBS traceable standards. Calibrations certificates to comply with your quality program requirements are available upon request.

APANTEC, LLC proposes to repair and calibrate the Nuclear Research Corporation/Canberra Industries electronics instruments to factory condition. ALL instruments will be returned with a one year factory required.

A. Engineering Service for Recommended On Site and Off Site Spare Parts
Apantec can provide a one time engineering service to determine the configuration of all Nuclear Research Corporation (NRC) and Canberra Industries (CI) provided radiation monitoring system spare parts. As part of this service, Apantec includes a one-day on site evaluation of equipment and documentation. At the completion of the engineering study, Apantec will provide a comprehensive list of all recommended spare parts, complete with document control numbers and configuration information for each channel. Apantec will also provide recommendations for the quantity and type of spare parts to be maintained both on site as ready/critical spare parts and at Apantec for off site support and hot stand by.
B. Annual Service and Support Contract

Apantec is committed to quality service following the delivery and installation of the instruments. Apantec offers full logistics support during the life of our equipment, and complete customer service including engineering, startup and training services.

As part of our Service and Support Contract Apantec offers the following:

On-site maintenance agreements for system users who require the highest level of service.
Extended Warranty agreements for customers who desire a rapid response, low cost, fixed fee repair service.
Calibrated and fully tested spare parts at our facility for emergency replacements.
Standard return-to-factory service options (repair and calibration).
An optional priority repair service for urgent repair situations.
Start-up Assistance.
Apantec offers several upgrade paths for existing customers who are presently using Nuclear Research Corporation (NRC) or Canberra radiation monitoring system instruments. Instruments can be refurbished to factory conditions, upgraded by replacing the electronics with latest generation designs, or complete form, fit and function replacements. This methodology extends the service life of the original equipment by providing a readily available source of spare parts, replacement modules and service.
Apantec Upgrade Module for ADM-610 Series Ratemeters
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