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APANTEC Objectives and Capabilities

The APANTEC, LLC mission is to provide a high quality source of radiation monitoring instruments and systems. Adhering to the philosophy that an engineered product provides the best solution for radiation monitoring applications, APANTEC, LLC is committed to the design and manufacture of instruments that comply with both customer and regulatory requirements.

APANTEC design is performed using AutoCad engineering software and is controlled via the APANTEC Quality Assurance program. In addition to mechanical and electrical design capabilities, APANTEC also includes software engineers who are qualified for the development of Microsoft Windows based programming, as well as embedded firmware functions built upon ARM microprocessor technology.

APANTEC Products

APANTEC products include:

  • Radiation detectors for measurement of alpha, beta, gamma or neutron activity.
  • Safety grade microprocessor based display and control units (DCU) for operation of APANTEC radiation monitoring channels.
  • Database software for display, operation and archiving of radiological data.
  • Integrated monitoring systems for the continuous collection and measurement of airborne particles, iodines and/or noble gases.
  • Integrated monitoring systems for the continuous measurement of liquid radiation levels.
  • Process, effluent and area radiation monitoring systems for nuclear power plants, Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Defense (DOD) facilities, research reactors, and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) centers.
  • Engineering support for customer specified systems and system integration.
  • Documentation and Support for instruments and systems.

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